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[icon] Nine, Oh-Nine - Keith's Journal
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Current Music:Russian Easter Festival Overture - Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Subject:Nine, Oh-Nine
Time:01:15 am
What do you do when you can't do what you love?

I kind of wonder if the last month or so will look less hellish when I look back on it later.

What's happened? I've...
  • Been missing a huge part of my life
  • Felt lost, and unsure about where my work needed to go
  • Panicked, seeing that "a long time" had turned into a little over a month
  • Questioned my mental health
  • Had a bad argument with my adviser
  • Stayed up until stupid-early o'clock in the morning talking to a friend
  • Seen a psychologist
  • Resolved the situation with my adviser, perhaps not completely, but hopefully well enough
  • Been to a couple band concerts
  • Had to explain why I was in the audience at said band concerts
  • Been a work-aholic
  • Felt like the world was out to get me, given the frequency of "silly" problems I was encountering
  • Questioned my physical health
  • Wondered if my research is just an exercise in futility
So things haven't really been going that well. I'm getting by though... I have awesome friends, and a very supportive family—and that helps a good deal.

One good thing, is that I should be done with school pretty soon. Not as soon as I'd originally hoped, but still pretty soon. Given how much of a disaster last week was, and that I felt I was working pretty slowly this week, I'm targeting the end of August now, rather than the middle of the month. One needs to be realistic... although I'd really been hoping for more downtime before starting my job.

My hope is that having a real job will be much less stressful. I don't really feel like I can really handle stress very well anymore.

I should probably go to bed. Good night. Maybe there will be more later...
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Time:2009-08-01 06:32 am (UTC)

When things calm down for you, you should join us for some power grid or vegas showdown :) We miss playing with you.
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[icon] Nine, Oh-Nine - Keith's Journal
View:Recent Entries.